A team of motivated students of NITK, ventured to build and develop an e-portal for enhanced student –teacher interaction. Under the guidance of Dr K V Gangadharan and with the resources provided by the CSD (Center for System Design) laboratory, the team has successfully developed a website with functionality to support efficient administration. Apart from the general advantages of switching to an e-platform, what makes this an indispensable alternative is that it avoids the negative connotations of security of data by strong encryption. Also, compatibility across various platforms and software has been considered. We have tried our best to maintain a strong backend to deliver the best service from our server. In case of any error, please try to send a screenshot of it to one of the developers.


Things to be added for future

Timetable and Attendance Tracking

Manage students' attendance online with dynamic class scheduling. Integration with prototype biometric attendance.

Examination and Grading Management

Auto calculating outcomes, program outcomes, program elective outcomes, online Grade sheet generation

Alumni Association

An online platform will make it easier for the current students to network with the alumni.

Online Feedback system

Academic Feedback on faculties and various course contents by students enrolled for corresponding course.

Online Certificate request

Applying for official certificates, transcripts or documents for present students as well as alumnis.

Online Documents / Tutorials

Updation of Course materials and tutorials with facility to intercommunicate with faculty online.

Our Team

Akshay Revankar

Founder and Head of Operations (2017-18)

Hemankur Mohar

Back End Developer

Awadhesh Kumar

Front End Developer

Navya R S

Front End Developer

Eeshwar G

Front End Developer

Zoeb Mithaiwala

Back End Developer

Dhaval Khandla

Back End Developer

Kiran Ramesh

Head of Operations (2016)

Navita Singhal

Backend Developer

Yuvraj Singh Bawa

Front End Developer

Hardik Patel

Head of Operations (2015)

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